Thursday, October 27, 2011

I might be an idiot, but I'm a FIT idiot!

Remember how I ran 1.5 miles a couple weeks ago without stopping in 16 minutes. Yeah. That was awesome. Well, I've continued running despite terrible shin splints (compression leggings work wonders.) Tuesday night, I tried to see how far I could run again and see if I could beat my 1.5 miles and more importantly, beat my husband's farthest distance of 2 miles without stopping. Success! I ran 2.25 miles in 25 minutes without stopping! And I felt pretty darn good and had a very quick recovery time. So I decided after that run that on Thursday I was going to hit the 3.2 mile trail here in town while Eli was at school and see how much of it I could run. Little E and I have started wogging this trail on Mondays and Fridays with my friend and her baby. It's a great trail. So Thursday is here. I'm ready to go running....and it's snowing. It's 34 degrees with 15-20 mph winds. That should have been my sign to choose zumba or turbofire. But No...I'm a FIT idiot!

So I got dressed in what I thought would be great pants to run in cuz they are warm athletic pants. Put on my socks and running shoes...sports bra, workout top, long sleeve shirt and my WT jacket and let's not forget the beanie and gloves. I get to the trail and I am excited to run. So is my running partner, Cali (a husky who lives for the cold weather). We get about 1/2 mile into it and the snow has picked up feet are wet. My toes are tingling...I'm a FIT idiot.

We keep running and a little over a mile into our run, we come across this.

Umm, as you know, Texas has been in a drought so to see water "flooding" my trail was actually quite a shock. It did rain last night and snow this morning, but still, enuf to flood my trail? Ok so see that mud to the left? Ya, Cali and I climbed that mud hill to cross the highway. I'm a FIT idiot. That didn't work out so well. We came sliding back down the hill and decided to turn around and not fight going across the highway. My toes are numb. I'm a FIT idiot.

I was so stinking the windy 34 degrees. Ya. Here is my jacket, soaked. I'm a FIT idiot. And on a side note: fit idiots don't wear waterproof mascara in the snow nor do they wear face masks when running into 34 degree winds and snow....just so you know.

At least my dog still loves me.

It sure was pretty and I really enjoyed my run. In fact, for some reason, running in the freezing arctic death was AWESOME for me cardiowise. I felt like I could have ran forever. I am not sure why, but I really never felt out of breath at all. It was incredible.
Although I may have been a soaking wet FIT idiot, I found this bench to be quite inspiring and perfect for my little outing today.

So Cali and I ran 2.13 miles in the arctic death weather and we may both have frostbite, but we rocked it ;) And I'm proud to be a FIT idiot!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weighing in with Him...Snoopy dances again!

Check it out! Snoopy is dancing once again!

First, I must apologize for being mostly absent for the past 2 weeks. I was visiting my family who lives 900 miles away and I wanted to squeeze in every last moment I could with them. I did work out while I was on vaca and if you remember, I didn't weigh in at all while I was gone. I weighed in this morning though....and that's why snoopy is dancing ;)

my pre-vacation weight on Sept 19 : 137 lbs
my weight on October 18 : 133.4 lbs!
Loss of 3.6 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ecstatic =)

But it gets better :)

Hubbys weight as of October 4 : 254 lbs
Hubbys weight as of October 18 : 250 lbs
loss of 4 lbs!!!
He has officially reached a 30 lb loss! And boy can you see a difference. He looks like a new man! I will post pictures later this week :)

Non scale victories
  • I am 8.4 lbs from my goal weight of 125 lbs!!!! That means NEW WARDROBE in the near future. I am quickly running out of clothes that fit me. I am looking forward to a whole new wardrobe...that's my prize. But I really don't have a choice in that right?! ;) A 125 lb girl can't wear a 150 lb girls clothes no more!
  • Drinking that shakeology....yum!
  • I started my 5k training up again and this was my main go-to exercise while on vacation. I am officially able to run 1.5 miles WITHOUT stopping and I did it in 16 mins! And the best part is I didn't feel like death afterwards. In fact, I walked 5 minutes and then ran another 1/2 mile without stopping!! There was a time that 30 seconds of running without stopping killed me. And now I'm nearly halfway to a 5k ;)
Epic Fails
  • I was unable to bike with my uncle. He had started a new job and I had to much going with my family so we are planning to do it on the next trip up there.
  • I have fallen off the bandwagon for my own challenge: the plankathon. I'm gonna make it a goal to do it next month, a whole new challenge that WILL be completed. I have been doing different ab workouts. Instead of doing the plank 5 times a week, I think I will be doing it 3 times a week along with my other ab workouts.
  • ummm....super epic fail...I didn't blog at all last week. I was active on the fb page but didn't post any blogs. So sorry about that. From here on out, I am going to make myself a goal of 2 blogposts a week: the weigh in blogpost and a body clutter chapter. And anything extra is just awesomeness :) You will have to follow along on facebook for the rest of the fun :)
  • When I should have been creating my "about me" page, I got to excited about my craft blog and made an ADORABLE halloween decoration that is proudly displayed on my piano right now...I will be writing my about me page for this new blog and then posting a fun tutorial for my ADORABLE halloween decor. Can't wait to get it up!!! I will share it with yall :)

Weekly goals

I am going to take it easy on the workouts this week because my whole family, including myself, is recovering from an awful virus that we were attacked with this weekend. All 3 of us were terribly sick this weekend. I even blacked out and konked my head on the bathroom floor while hugging the toilet :( HEADACHE! I only puked once so I am not attributing much weight loss to this virus! But it was pretty bad! And now, Aunt Flo has decided to set up camp and I have become cramp-zilla. But there are still goals!
  1. Take 2 mega walks this week with Little E and the dogs.
  2. Drink shakeology for breakfast 4 times this week. (1 of 4 completed!)
  3. do ab work outs 4 times this week.
  4. Bike ride 10-20 miles on Thursday while Eli is at mothers day out
  5. Stay at or below calorie goal for the week and track on myfitnesspal
  6. finally get the craft blog debuted ;)
I am so happy Snoopy could dance again today :) I hope that Snoopy gets to dance again next week too!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weighing in with Him and the Hubby

Check it out! Snoopy is dancing again!

That's because the hubby has met a huge goal!

Hubbys weight last week: 256 lbs

This weeks weight: 254 lbs

That means he has officially passed the 25 lb mark! He was an overachiever and hit a total of 26 lbs lost! I am so stinking proud of him =) And as for me, well, we still must wait til Oct 12 to find out.

Non Scale Victories
  • I completed the 30/40/50 challenge and added it to my badge room! WHOOHOO!
  • I clocked nearly 10 miles in walking last week. My goal is to walk between 10-15 miles a week so goal achieved!
  • My muscles were so sore this past week. I worked in my parents garage for nearly 20 hours through out the week!
Goals for the week
  • I was unable to bike ride last week so I am hoping to be able to bike at least once this week.
  • Do 2 mega walks (5-6 miles each walk) this week
  • Complete week 3 of C25K. Yes, I have started it back up. I started last night and it was awesome. It was actually a piece of cake. I would love to jump ahead to where I had gotten the first time, but I want to take it slow so I hopefully don't get tendonitis again.
  • Drink Shakeology 4 times this week for breakfast.
  • Complete Fat Chick Fed Up's Junk Challenge each day.
  • Complete my very own Plankathon daily challenge.
  • Blog 2-3 times this week. My goal last week was 3 and I got in 2 blogposts so that was progress! I have been pretty active on my facebook page, but I would like to update the blog at least 3 times a week.
  • Write my "About me" page for my craft blog and debut it. I have the facebook page set up. I have the blog mostly designed (enuf to get it started, I can always change it later). And I hope to get it debuted by the end of the week!

So what do you have planned for the week?